This week I went to the Boroichi fleamarket in Tokyo. It has been held twice a year in the same place for over 430 years, and is an intangible folk cultural asset of Japan. I wandered, browsed and sketched, and bought a beautiful little sobachoko. When I got home, I did some watercolour sketches of it…I enjoyed it so much, I did a few more, looking at old sobachoko online for reference.And then made a little design of my own…

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mokuhanga exhibition

Monday to Friday this week I have some prints on show in the CfSHE gallery in Tokyo. It’s an exhibition of prints from all the artists who attended the mokuhanga residency in Kawaguchiko this summer.Let me know know if you’d like to meet up there!

Date: From 15 to 19 January 2018
Venue: CfSHE Gallery B109, 6-11-14, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, 1010021 Tokyo
Hour: 13.00/17.00
Admission Free

2017年 MI-LAB アドバンス・プログラム参加アーティスト
Artists who participated in 2017 MI-LAB Advanced Program

Kathleen(Kaite) Baldwin ケイティ・ボールドウィン (USA)
Kate MacDonagh ケイト・マクドナー (Ireland)
Mariko Jesse マリコ・ジェシー (UK)
Melissa Schulenberg メリッサ・シューレンバーグ (USA)
Natasha Norman ナターシャ・ノーマン (South Africa)
Patty Hudak パティ・フダック (USA)
An Gee Chan アン・ジー・チャン (Hong Kong)
Brenda Petays ブレンダ・ぺテイス (Canada)
Fuko Ito フウコ・イトウ (Japan)
Jon Lee ジョン・リー (USA)
Sarah Hulsey サラ・ハルシー (USA)

You can see more information here.

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So, my first day in Tokyo as a resident has just happened. We arrived last night, exhausted and jetlagged……but unbelievably excited about what the next year will be. More news soon!

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happy new year!

Welcome to 2018. I’m looking forward to a year of discoveries: wonderful museums, inspiring cuisine, new friends, and a new home to explore. I’m moving to Tokyo this week, it’s going to be fun! Here’s a picture of the afternoon tea we prepared yesterday for our leaving party. Next blog, Japan!

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happy christmas!

I always have trouble thinking of what to draw for my winter card, so I was happy to come up with a snowdome illustration this year. Here are some of my initial sketches.

I was originally thinking of having a page of a differently shaped and sized snowglobes, but then chose to keep it simple and focus on just one. I wanted a cosy house in a forest, and did several little watercolours to experiment.

For the final artwork I painted a little house on a snowy hill with smoke coming out of the chimney, and then had it printed with an extra layer of silver foil to show the glitter inside the dome. I love that it sparkles as you move the card!

Hope you all have a wonderful, cosy, warm, and sparkly Christmas holiday!

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London exhibitions

I’ve been having a wonderful week in London, visiting museums and seeing friends and family. I’d been waiting all year to see the Tove Jansson show at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, and it didn’t disappoint…Her work has always inspired me (especially the black and white drawings in the Moomin books), and I feel invigorated to work harder now. I also loved the Modigilani show at the Tate Modern. I’d never seen so much of his work all at once, and it was extremely moving.And of course the Winnie-the-Pooh exhibition at the V&A. So adorable, and a wonderful example of author and illustrator producing perfection together…

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tokyo meal

On a quick visit to Tokyo recently, I managed a little sketch of the desserts during a very pretty meal at Hannariya.It is a Kyoto style place and the dishes were as beautiful as they were delicious…

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Christmas cards

I’ve got these supercute robin and ivy blank holiday cards in my shop right now. There are 2 designs, and they each come in packs of 5.They’re blank inside for your own holiday message, and come with matching white envelopes. I can ship them from either the US (now) or the UK (in 2 weeks time). Happy card-writing!

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dog portraits

While I was in Hong Kong last month, I helped out my friend Alex, who runs Dogalicious, a healthy dog food company, at his stand at the pink dot festival. I offered pet portraits of people’s dogs, in exchange for a donation to lap, the animal charity.I’d never tried this before, but most of the owners seemed to be quite happy with the results!

Dogs don’t stay still, so I had to capture their personalities whilst they wriggled…I did the portraits in watercolour and brushpen, each one in under 10 minutes!There is even a video of the event that you can watch here. Woof!

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